How to Insulate Your Garage Door DIY Style  0

Instructions for insulating a garage door on your own
Most people are aware of the need for insulating garage doors, but very few would have thought about learning the techniques involved and trying them out on their own. In case you are one of the few people who are interested in adding insulation to their garage, the following sections should provide you some help.




There are several steps that one needs to follow in order to be able to do a decent job with insulating garage doors.


The first step applies to most construction tasks and deals with taking measurements of the panels. As the insulation is applied from the inside, the measurements of the door panels must be made from that side. As you need to purchase an adequate quantity of the insulation material, this step is very essential. Nobody would like to end up with a shortage of material or an excess of it.


garage-door-insulation2The next step is to purchase the material for insulating doors. There are two types of materials that are commonly used for this purpose. One is the Reflective foil insulation and the other is the polystyrene insulation. Depending on your budget and also your insulation requirements, the right choice must be made. If you live in an area that has pleasant weather throughout the year, then there shouldn’t be much concern about preventing heat loss or reducing thermal transfer. In this case, the R value of the material may not matter much and you can go with either of the two types of materials. If you are concerned about cost, the reflective foil insulation can be your material of choice. However, most requirements for insulation arise due to the fact that the region in which the home is located is prone to extremities of heat or cold.

In this scenario, it would be best to select a material that has a higher R value, which would be the Polystyrene insulation. Although the Polystyrene insulation is a great material to use for garage doors, it is rigid and hard to work with as compared to the reflective foil insulation. Regardless, as the benefits that it offers in terms of insulation are much higher, these small inconveniences may be worth putting up with.

Once the insulation material has been purchased, the next step is to cut it into appropriate sizes that match the inside of the garage door panels. A tool that can come in handy during this endeavor is a utility knife.


The next step is to place the cut pieces of the insulation material on the inside of each of the garage door panels and make sure that any extra material is trimmed. If the garage has a metal frame running around the panels and extending past the surface of the door, then, the pieces of insulation can be tucked into the door frame itself.


After making sure that the pieces of insulation match perfectly with the inside of the garage door panels, they must be affixed to the door by means of an aluminum foil tape. In case the pieces of insulation were tucked into the door frame, it would be better to remove them and affix them back on the door panels by means of a double sided tape. This step completes the garage door insulation process.

In addition to the above process, care must also be taken to ensure that there is no gap between the garage door and the floor. In case there is one, a double lip weather stripping may help close it.


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Lock Down your Garage Door with Garage Defender Shield  0

our home is your place. It is a place where you should feel safe and protected, always. Unfortunately, with the media frenzy and the number of reported break-ins, everyone needs a little extra security to sleep easy at night.
While an alarm system throughout the house along with extra locks is one thing, the most vulnerable areas around the house is also one of the most forgotten. The Garage door can be easily broken into, and frequently is. In fact, a break-in occurs every 15 seconds, and nearly 60% of the burglaries occur during working days (contrary to popular opinion) in the United States.
With thousands of break-ins happening every day and the average cost of this usually amounts to $2000-2500, it is more difficult to for people to leave their homes without the feeling of foreboding. For all these times, the Garage Defender is the perfect solution.


Not only is this an innovative mechanism, but it is affordable and easy to install. The shield version can easily prevent the 6 second garage door break-ins, while the pro version is even stronger. However, while some people preferred securing their garage with a zip tie, this is a far less dangerous and much more effective alternative. By spending a little extra, you can secure your garage door with the Garage Defender which, contrary to the zip tie, allows for easy access to the emergency rope while preventing the intruders’ entry.

This is a unique device meant to keep your home secure, no matter where you are. Now you now can leave for work or on a trip without that sinking feeling in your heart. You can sleep easy at night, knowing that there is no burglar in the house. After all, with the rate of residential burglaries at 73.9%, it is important that you ensure your own safety. With the easy install promise of this device, it hardly takes you a moment to secure the safety of yourself and your family.
The device itself costs $29.95, whereas the Pro Version costs $59.95. They take 6 seconds and 2 minutes for installation respectively, and require either no tools whatsoever to minimal tools. All of this is a small price to pay for your safety. After all, better a cost of $60, than incurring a total expense of $2,000!

Your safety is important, and the Garage Defender helps take this a step further. Prevent yourself from becoming just another statistic by taking the necessary precautions today!

5 Mistakes Home Owners Usually Make With Garage Doors  0


garage-door2Garage doors have become so convenient in the course of years that nowadays, many home owners cannot imagine how life was without their convenience. Normal wear and tear of the system usually merits a checkup from professional garage door installers in El Paso TX or elsewhere, but there are times when human error comes into play. The following are some of the most common mistakes to make with your garage doors:

1. Misjudging Distance

Garage doors are prone to being hit by vehicles because these are what pass through them almost daily. In many cases, drivers misjudge the proximity of their vehicle to the doors or the speed that the doors open and close, and an accident happens. The good thing about collisions of this nature is that they are usually low speed and the damage is usually small. Damage is bigger when it is the garage door that slams on the vehicle. More recent garage doors have an auto reverse feature that helps to lower the risk of the doors going down too hard on objects or people.

2. Taking the Doors for Granted

Busy home owners often take their garage doors for granted. Doors should be checked regularly for damage and repaired as soon as possible. Damage can become bigger over an extended period of time if left unattended. Rust spots on metal doors may expand and brittle weather strips may come off if they are not fixed.

3. Preventive Maintenance Check

The entire garage door system should be checked thoroughly every year by a professional garage door expert. Aside from this yearly check, home owners should also know what to look for when they do their own checking. Home owners should check on the balance of the garaged doors as well as how smoothly they open and close. Grinding noises that accompany a shaking or rattling door should be a cause for alarm.

4. Being Stingy on the Lubricant

Garage doors operate using special lubricants for easy opening, closing and lifting. Installers have specific time frames when the lubricant should be applied and reapplied. The application can be done by the home owners but if there are any issues that are not resolved by the application of lubricant, it is best to contact a professional service team.

5. Doing Your Own Repairs

This is one of the most dangerous mistakes that a home owner can make with garage doors. While many of the maintenance works and repairs for garage doors are quite easy, some can be downright dangerous. Cables can fray or get loose and injure the person trying to repair them while the door might suddenly fall on a person and injure him.

These are some of the most common mistakes home owners make with their garage doors. It is important that repairs that the home owner cannot do should be brought to the attention of professionals who know what they are doing.